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Landscape Lighting manufacturer, CAST Lighting, produces landscape lighting fixtures, landscape lighting transformers, landscape lighting wirelow voltage bulbs and other outdoor lighting system components.  CAST Landscape Lighting fixtures are the most durable and rugged in the industry. Composed of solid sand-cast bronze with stainless steel internal components, these landscape lighting fixtures are designed to perform optimally for a lifetime of use in the most corrosive environments, especially in oceanside regions.  CAST Lighting multi-tap low voltage transformers are the landscape lighting industry standard for reliability and flexibility with a host of exclusive features.  CAST Lighting No-Ox landscape lighting wire is tin-coated marine-grade for the highest possible resistance to corrosion.  CAST Lighting also provides a high level of one-on-one support and hosts the industry's highest rated hands-on landscape lighting seminars.  This combination of high quality outdoor lighting products (priced reasonably) and unparalleled customer service make a winning combination that delivers exceptional value to distributorsinstallers, specifiers and homeowners. For professional, rugged and durable outdoor lighting, consider CAST Lighting.