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Mastering Landscape Lighting Design

Learn how to Master Landscape Lighting Design with our two eBooks!

Landscape Lighting

True craftsmanship is the blending of art and engineering to create a product so superior as to literally outshine the competition. Cast landscape lighting creates best in class, built to last tools for the professional designer.


CAST Perimeter™ is the internationally recognized industry leader in custom-designed security lighting solutions. We combine low-voltage sustainability with superior craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence. 


Since 2000, Cast Lighting has used the absolute best materials available to produce the finest fixtures for customers who appreciate quality. The products we manufacture are astonishingly affordable and made from solid bronze, the most durable material on earth. Sand-cast in our own custom-built foundry, our fixtures are timeless, aging gracefully with the landscape and requiring no finish or coating. Paired with state-of-the art, glare-free LED technology, our low voltage lighting solutions are highly sought-after and internationally recognized as best in class.