• Perimeter™ Security Lighting
  • Perimeter™ Security Lighting
  • Perimeter™ Security Lighting
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Optimize your Security.

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CAST Perimeter™ is the award-winning and internationally recognized next-generation leader in perimeter security lighting solutions. CAST has created a unique patented low-voltage system that is easily installed, and requires virtually no maintenance. These fixtures attach directly to existing fence posts, eliminating the significant costs associated with legacy “light pole” systems. Our systems delivers high quality glare-free, targeted illumination that provides optimal lighting for security officers and cameras while being Dark Sky-compliant.

Design Services

The fence line is the first line of defense, and it’s OUR LINE. CAST Perimeter™ Series security lighting solutions are designed and procured on a direct sales basis. We combine expert Design Services with our Award-Winning Perimeter™ Lighting System products to provide a custom-tailored solution for your unique security perimeter or fence line. We are the experts in LED lighting technology, with over 20 years of experience providing professional lighting designs. 

The CAST Perimeter™ Advantage

There are no shortcuts when it comes to Perimeter Security Lighting. From home and business owners to government and military facilities, the safety and security of our clients is paramount. Our Perimeter™ Series was designed specifically for optimal perimeter fence illumination, and our quality manufacturing guarantees reliable quality and performance.