9 Landscape Lighting Tips for Fall and Winter Prep

With less daylight this time of year, landscape lighting is the perfect way to continue enjoying this gorgeous fall weather, foliage, and your outdoor living space. Here are some helpful autumn landscape lighting tips to keep your property beautiful, safe, and ready for camp fires, s’more roastin’ and mulled wine sippin’. Keep wires underground: BuriedRead More

  • Sep

    ‘CAST Quality’ at Its Finest

    CAST Lighting has had some exciting news with the development of three fixture series (Impressionist, Classic, and Craftsman) that set the ‘CAST Quality’ Standard. “We believe in providing simple, durable, and innovative tools that help people use lighting beautifully.” – President and Founder David Beausoleil ‘CAST Quality’ As a company we are going back toRead More

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  • Jul

    Portable LED Perimeter Lighting Retrofit for Construction Sites – CAST Lighting and Penn State Case Study

    Print version. The Pennsylvania State University undertook, as part of their Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative, the conversion of campus construction perimeter lighting from a traditional type to a new energy-efficient LED fence lighting solution. The new solution, the CAST Lighting LED Perimeter Lighting System (winner of 7 security and lighting industry awards) resulted in anRead More

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  • May

    Professionals-Only Webinar: Landscape Lighting Design: Do It As You Never Could Before- with the CAST LED Impressionist Series

    Check out our Webinar! As you may know, we are about to release a ground-breaking new line of LED landscape lights.– The CAST Impressionist Series. Not only are these the most advanced and best performing LED luminaires on the market, they are designed to give the lighting designer unprecedented flexibility. As a designer, you willRead More

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  • Mar

    Webinar: A New Award-Winning Approach to Perimeter Lighting for Reduced Material, Labor, and Energy Costs

    You Won’t Want to Miss this Webinar! *To Download the Webinar Click Here! Watch a 30-sec. Introduction to the CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System. In 2012, CAST Lighting introduced a new approach to illuminating perimeters – The CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System. This new system so impressed industry experts, that it won the following awards.Read More

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