How to Create Outdoor Ambiance for Al Fresco Restaurant Dining

The Dining Experience The al fresco dining experience isn’t just about the food and service, it’s about the ambiance—the overall feeling you get when dining and looking into the eyes of the people you’re sharing the moment with, the artfully plated food you’re about to feast on, and the unique atmosphere created by original architecturalRead More

  • Jun

    Top 4 Reasons to Add Landscape Lighting to Your Vacation Home

    As landscape lighting professionals, we firmly believe that vacation homes need and deserve outdoor landscape lighting just as much as full-time residences do. There are even instances were vacation properties require landscape lighting even more than your primary residence. Here are the top four reasons to install landscape lighting at your home away from home.Read More

  • May

    Why Tin-Coated Copper Wire is Ideal for Landscape Lighting

    Tin-Coated Copper Wire Vs. All-Copper Wire Ah, the great debate over which type of wire is best for landscape lighting. In this blog, we will put an end to this back-and-forth by sharing four major benefits of tin-coated wire—specifically CAST’s No-Ox marine-grade tin-coated copper wire. First, there’s no question that corrosive effects of the outdoorRead More

  • Apr

    The No. 1 Landscape Lighting Mistake Homeowners Make

    In our decades of experience developing solutions for and installing landscape lighting, the biggest mistake we see homeowners make is not servicing their outdoor lighting system on an annual basis. It’s our job to make them understand that the following four excuses we hear time and time again are not good reasons and do notRead More