• Solid bronze bullet with a 20” stem
  • Directional light that extends above plant material

Models: CBAL1CB


This rugged solid bronze MR-16 fixture is 20.5” in height, sitting 18” stem providing a directional light that extends above plant material


Suitable for projecting at any angle in situations where the fixture must extend above plant material. Often used for grazing driveways, fences and retaining walls.


  • Solid bronze shroud and body
  • Solid Eurometal stake
  • Heavy-gauge copper stem
  • Extra protection from water intrusion when used in down-lighting applications
  • Extra-long shroud for glare control
  • Knuckle adjusts to any angle
  • Convex lens to prevent mineral build-up
  • Pre-wired with 25’ #16-2 tin-coated No-Ox® marine grade wire
  • High-temp socket with solid nickel contacts
  • Includes heat shield to protect socket
  • Spider Splice® ready

Other Components

  • CAST Lighting magnetic toroidal core Transformers
    Both Journey Men 75, 150, 300, 600, & 900 Watt and Master Series 900 & 1200 Watt
  • CAST No-OX Tin-Coated Marine-Grade Wire
    Available in #8/2, #10/2, #12/2, #14/2, & #16/2 gauges.
  • Astronomical Digital & Mechanical Timers
  • Photo Cells
  • Seamless non-insulated crimp connections & Heat shrink for wire connections
  • Dimensions and Weight: Stem and Body: 20.5" high x 10.25" wide (when extended at 90º angle); 2.5" diameter shroud
  • Stake: 13.5"
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Lamp Specifications: Lamp: 12V MR-16 (50W max.) Lamp not included.
  • Listing: All CAST Lights conform to: UL Std's 1838 & 8750; CE; Certified to CAN/CSA Std's C22.2 No. 250.0 & C22.2 No. 250.13. Suitable for wet locations. FCC Class B Conducted and Radiated. RoHS.
  • Construction:
    • Body: Solid Sand-Cast Bronze
    • Stem: 18" Heavy Gauge Copper, (unthreaded end to secure in stake with set screw), 0.115" wall thickness.
    • Knuckle: Solid Sand-Cast Bronze, continuously adjustable, secured with 303 stainless steel Philips Head screw.
    • Shroud: Solid Sand-Cast Bronze
    • Stake: Solid Eurometal
    • O-Rings: Silicone Rubber (double O-Ring under shroud for water protection when facing downwards).
  • Socket Assembly: High-temperature ceramic socket with solid nickel contacts (to mate with solid nickel MR-16 pins), 316 stainless steel internal contact spring, 304 stainless steel lamp spring, Aluminum heat reflector.
  • Wiring: Tin-coated No-Ox marine-grade wiring (inside fixture and external 25 ft. #16-2 lead); socket wire crimped and soldered to lead wire using tin solder and tin crimps protected with waterproof shrink tubing and fiberglass sleeve.
  • Fixture Record Tag: Not included; solid etched copper with stainless steel attachment ring.
  • Packaging: Packed 2/box; fully assembled