Wire Soldering for Secure Connections

The CAST Lighting Soldering Method

Step-by-Step Instructions
The most common cause of landscape lighting system failure is failed wire splices.

1. Set up Soldering Kit and tote. (Take care to keep solder pot away from children and use caution to avoid burns.)



2. Strip wires 1 1/4 in. Take care not to cut or nick any strands.


3. Twist exposed strands.


4. Line up all wires and trim to length if needed.


5. Twist wires together.


6. Dip into flux.


7. Dip into solder.


8. Dip into water.


9. Trim excess.


10. Insert into teflon filled wire nut.


11. Twist until tight.

You'll notice that very little force is needed to secure the wire nut (compared to the finger-wrenching force needed to tighten non-soldered wires!)

12. Finished! These connections will never corrode or fail!