Know Your Wire Burial Depth Codes

 National Electric Code (NEC) Requirements for Burial of Low Voltage Wiring

According to article 300.5 of the 2005 NEC Code, low voltage landscape lighting wire needs to be bruied to the following depths:

Location of Wire
Minimum Burial Depth
All locations not specified below 6 inches
In trench below minimum 2" thick concrete 6 inches
Under a building In raceway only
Under roads, alleys, public driveways, and parking lots 24 inches
Under one and two family dwelling driveways and outdoor parking areas and used only for dwelling-related purposes 18 inches
In or under airport runways, including adjacent areas where trespassing is prohibited 18 inches

Note - depth is measured from the top surface of finished grade or surface material. Where solid rock prevents compliance with these depths, a direct burial raceway can be used, encased in concrete at least 2" thick on top and extending down to the rock.

Created on 07/12/08