CAST Lighting Fixture Extensions

There are many situation where you need to alter the height of CAST Lighting fixtures. 
Here are a few:

  • Fixtures are installed in a young planting bed. As the material gorws, it may be necessary to raise the fixture to maintain optimal lighting.
  • Fixtures may need extra height to project over fixed obstacles such as retaining walls or boulders.
  • Fixtures are installed in amature planting bed with shrubs at fixed height; optimal lighting is best achieved when fixture bodies are raised to an appropriate level.
  • Path Lights are needed to project light in a larger beam, so extra height is needed to enlarge beam spread. 

To alter the height of fixtures, Fixture Stem Extensions are used. Several options are available.

Fixed-Height Stem Extensions:

When Area/Path Lights need a fixed height different from the standard stems (16" for small lights, 18" for larger lights), then replacement stems are available in a variety of lengths. These stems are constructed with the same thick-walled copper as standard stems and feature the same tapered thread fittings and Set-n-Stake® feature. CAST Wall Wash Lights can also be extended with these stems. The following stem lengths are available: (Note - we will also cut custom lengths if needed.)

  • 2" (XCBPSTEMS2)
  • 4" (XCBPSTEMS4)
  • 6" (XCBPSTEMS6)
  • 8" (XCBPSTEMS8)
  • 10" (XCBPSTEMS10)
  • 12" (XCBPSTEMS12)
  • 14" (XCBPSTEMS14)
  • 16" (XCBPSTEMS16)
  • 18" (XCBPSTEMS18)
  • 24" (XCBPSTEMS24)
  • 36" (XCBPSTEMS36)
  • 42" (XCBPSTEMS42)

These Stems fit all Area/Path Lights with the exception of the CAST Mini China Hat (CCH5CB). They can also be used with the CAST Wall Wash (CWW1CB).

EZ-Riser Coupling Series

The EZ-Riser™ Set-In-Stake® Custom Riser System allows you to create endless mounting options for any of the CAST lighting fixtures. The CCPSTEM** Copper Extensions are preset at 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 24", 36", and 42" long. The CCPSTEM48 is a 48” stem length that allows you to cut the pipe in the field to help you meet your design objectives as you go.

The EZ Risers Series can be used with the following CAST Lighting fixtures: CID140(up lighting), CID248 (up lighting), CIDA140, CIDA248, CIT164(down lighting), CIT265 (down lighting), CCTL1C, CTLED141, CBL1CB, CBLED141, CBL5CB, CBAL1Cb and All Craftsman Spot Lights.

  • E-Z Riser Coupling (CCPC1)
  • E-Z Riser ELL (CCPL1)
  • E-Z Riser TEE (CCPT1)
  • 6" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM6)
  • 8" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM8)
  • 10" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM10)
  • 12" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM12)
  • 14" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM14)
  • 16" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM16)
  • 18" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM18)
  • 24" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM24)
  • 36" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM36)
  • 42" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM42)
  • 48" E-Z Riser Pipe (CCPSTEM48)

Telescopic Extensions
CAST Path/Area Light Telescopic Extensions

These sturdy telescopic stem extensions utilize the Set-n-Stake® feature to attach to the stake. The existing fixture stem slides into the extension and is secured by a stainless steel thumb screw. Precisely machined brass inserts ensure extremely stabile and secure extensions even when fully extended.
To determine the final height range, add the following extender lengths to the existings fixture stems (16" for small area/path lights, 18" for larger area/path lights). For example the CWTRS16 allows for stem lengths of 16" to 32" for small area/path lights.

  • 6" (CWTRS6)
  • 8" (CWTRS8)
  • 10" (CWTRS10)
  • 12" (CWTRS12)
  • 16" (CWTRS16)
  • 20" (CWTRS20)
  • 24" (CWTRS24)
  • 28" (CWTRS28)
  • 32" (CWTRS32)
  • 36" (CWTRS36)
  • 40" (CWTRS40)
  • 48" (CWTRS48)

These Stem Extensions fit all Area/Path Lights with the exception of the CAST Mini China Hat (CCH5CB). They can also be used with the CAST Wall Wash (CWW1CB).