Outdoor Lighting 101: Wall Washing Vs. Wall Grazing

In our last blog, we wrote a detailed article on The Art of Wall Grazing. This outdoor lighting technique is, however, very different than wall washing, another popular landscape lighting technique. While wall washing and wall grazing may sound very similar, these two lighting techniques are used for two very different applications and are achievedRead More

  • Nov

    Landscape Lighting Techniques: The Art of Wall Grazing

    When to Use Wall Grazing Grazing is the ideal outdoor lighting technique for highlighting beautiful or unique textures or irregular surfaces such as a property’s walls, a home’s facade, veneers, stone columns, or bark on trees. Because wall grazing produces a particular gradient of light, it does a superb job of accentuating these textures andRead More

  • Nov

    Perimeter Security Lighting & Video Surveillance Challenges: Pt. 2

    In the first blog of this two part series, we discussed how legacy pole-mounted security lighting was inadequate and the saying “more is better” when it comes to light is an antiquated approach to effective perimeter security lighting. We took a look at some of the primary challenges that contributed to second-rate security lighting—including glare,Read More

  • Oct

    Perimeter Security Lighting & Video Surveillance Challenges: Pt. 1

    In our last blog, you learned The Biggest Problem with Today’s Perimeter Security Lighting is that legacy pole-mounted security lighting was never designed with perimeter security lighting camera systems or on-site security personnel in mind. It was meant as a passive defensive that would—in theory—keep intruders away. The logic was, “If it’s lit, it’s safe.”Read More

  • Oct

    How Much Does My Outdoor Lighting Project Cost?

    Are the homeowners you’re working with considering a landscape lighting system for their residence? We think that’s a superb idea! Now, are you trying to help them do their research and provide them with accurate information so they can be informed buyers? Well, that’s an even better idea! In this blog, we’ll help you masterRead More