CAST 300w Journeymen Series (CJ300SSMT)

The CAST Journeyman Series® Transformer - Rugged, Reliable and Economical

CAST Lighting 300W Journeyman Multi-tap Transformer


CAST Journeyman Series Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformers are rugged, reliable and economical.

  • Resin-sealed toroidal core - Ensures for the highest possible efficiency.
  • Full transformer capacity can be loaded into any single voltage tap.
  • Voltage taps of 12, 13, 14 and 15V.
  • Extra-large 125-amp terminal blocks - To accommodate up to (10) #12/2 wires.
  • Secondary magnetic circuit breakers.
  • Stainless steel enclosure.

Detailed Installation Drawing | Installation Manual (English | Spanish)


Input: 120V, 60Hz.

Output: 12V, 13V, 14V and 15V

Capacity: 300 Watts

Transformer Core: Epoxy resin encapsulated, magnetic toroid, primary thermal protection.

Secondary Overload Protection: 25 amp magnetic circuit breaker for the common.

Hi-Low Switch: Adds 1 volt to all secondary taps

Power Cord: 6-ft heavy-duty #16/3 AWG power cord with 3-prong grounded wall plug.

Secondary Terminal Bocks: 125 amp rated, extra large.


Stainless steel with removable outer plate.


cUL 1838 Listed, approved for exterior and interior use.

Dimensions and Weight

Width: 5.5"

Height: 17"

Depth: 5.5"

Weight: 19 lbs.


Complete step-wise installation manual with worksheets and record forms (English and Spanish).


Lifetime on core and enclosure, 3-year warranty on electrical components.

Fully field-repairable.


CAST Digital Timer (CTDTC)

CAST Manual Timer (CTTC)

CAST Photocell (CTPC)

CAST Remote Photocell (CTRPC)

CAST Photocell Control Module (CTPCM)

CAST Transformer Installation Test Lug (CTESTLUG)


CAST Complete Landscape Lighting Tool Kit (CTOOLKIT)

CAST Landscape Lighting Digital Clamp-on Amp/Ohm Meter (CMETER)

Replacement Parts

Bottom Knockout Panel for CJ300PSMT (XCKOPB3)

Hi-Low Switch Replacement for all Journeymen Series transformers (XCTHILO)

Front Cover for 300W Journeymen transformers Stainless (CTFCJ3)

Surge Suppressor for all CAST Transformers (Thermistor) (XCTRIPFIX)

Transformer Replacement Relay Includes instructions (XCTRELAY2)

16/3 Power Cord for Journeymen Transformers (XCTCJ)

Transformer Timer Receptacle (XCTRECEP)

Transformer Front Door Screw (XCHS83250D)

CAST Knockout Door Screw for Transformer drop down doors (XCHS83250T)

CAST Rail-Mounted Terminal Block 125 Amp (XCEWTB1)

CAST 25 Amp. Circuit Breaker for all Transformer Secondaries (XCEWCB25A)