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"Remarkable savings with award-winning LED perimeter lighting."

CAST LED Perimeter Lighting Systems include Perimeter Fence lights and Perimeter Wall Packs. Both systems are designed to be easily installed, require no maintenance, and to reward the property owner with significant savings on materials, labor, and energy. The illumination produced by these lights is glare-free and highly targeted to provide optimal lighting for security officers and cameras.

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LED Perimeter Fence Lights

CAST Lighting LED Perimeter Fence Light for safety and security, campus lighting

CAST LED Perimeter Fence Lights

Winner of 7 security & lighting industry awards - Up to 80% savings in materials, labor, and energy compared to typical perimeter lighting.

In 2012, this remarkable LED luminaire took the lighting and security industries by storm. Winning every major award, judges praised the CAST LED Perimeter Light for its simplicity, efficiency, and remarkable low cost. Attached directly to any chain link fence, the low voltage fixture installs quickly and provides a glare-free, highly-targeted region of illumination along the perimeter.

With both temporary and permanent applications, the perimeter light has been installed at a major airport, data centers, military bases, hotels, warehouses, and a variety of other security-sensitive properties.

Note that since perimeter lighting specifications may vary, CAST Lighting produces (4) versions of the CAST LED Perimeter Fence Light:

  • CPL1 - Basic Model suitable for most applications (265 lm) - Stock Item
  • CPL12X - Double power (960 lm) - Special Order
  • CPL13X - Triple power (1440 lm) - Special Order
  • CPL14X - Quadruple Power (1900 lm) - Special Order

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LED Perimeter Wall Pack Lights

CAST Lighting LED Perimeter Wall Pack Light for perimeter security

CAST LED Perimeter Wall Pack Lights

Easy-to-install, compact, and energy-efficient, these wall-mounted LED lights replace typical wall packs for up to 80% savings in materials, labor, and energy.

Part of the award-winning CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System, this compact Wall Pack Light uses the same energy-efficient LED chips and driver as the CAST fence light. As with traditional wall packs, this fixture is primarily designed to be mounted on walls and other surfaces. It differs from others in its small size (the same as a single gang junction box), low wattage (just 7 watts), and its power source (12 to 24 volts AC or DC). These features enable the lights to provide highly targeted and efficient illumination for building perimeters, pathways, and niche locations. Cost savings are remarkable.


LED Perimeter Fence Lighting Kits

CAST Lighting LED Perimeter Fence Light Kits for security and safety lighting

CAST LED Perimeter Fence Lighting Kits

CAST LED Perimeter Kits make specifying and ordering very simple - just select fence length and fixture spacing. Kits include all system components, are palletized, shrink wrapped, and shipped - usually the same day!

You don't need to be a lighting expert to specify and order a CAST LED Perimeter Fence Lighting System. Complete kits are available for fence lengths from 20 ft. to 750 ft., fixture spacings of 20 ft. or 30 ft., and input voltages of 120V or 240V - 16 kits in total. Kit's include complete instructions and installation drawings.

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