Models: CPL14X


This High-Power LED Perimeter™ Light provides a direct, low glare LED light source, with quadruple the amount of lumens compared to the CPL1. It accepts 12V to 24V AC/DC (28 Watts)


  • Airport Perimeters
  • Critical Infrastructure (Power Grid, Reservoirs, & Data Centers)
  • Energy Providers for power plants and substations
  • Commercial and Municipal Properties to illuminate long perimeters or pathways
  • Public Parks
  • Residential areas where perimeters need added security, but must comply with strict Dark-Sky ordinances
  • Military - for permanent installations and rapid deployment settings
  • Temporary Fence Providers
  • General contractors to secure construction sites
  • Aid and Relief Stations
  • Marinas and Ports


  • 28-Watt Luminaire
  • Full Cut Off Illumination – Dark-Sky Compliant
  • Safe 24-Volt System
  • IP-66 Rated
  • Ambient Temperature Range (Operating): -40ºC to +55ºC
  • Surge & Spike Protected
  • Quality Cree® LED's
  • Rugged, High-Quality construction
  • All mounting hardware and electrical connectors included

Other Components

  • CAST Perimeter™ Lighting Transformers: (CPT300, CPT600, E1CPT300, E1CPT600, CPT1200, E1CPT1200)
  • CAST No-Ox® Tin-Coated Marine Grade Wire: Available in a variety of gauges and lengths, this wire is highly corrosion-resistant with a 25-year warranty

IP66 Rated.

35.3" tall x 7.0" wide

Eurometal hat, vase, and base; galvanized steel stem; aluminum saddle bracket; zinc-plated bolts; borosilicate glass LED enclosure.

Mounting Options:Fence light attached to top of fence posts up to 4"diameter; Offset Bracket (CPLOSB2) available for situations where CPL14X must be mounted below fence top or for other offset needs.

The LED driver is a proprietary circuit designed specifically for this luminaire.

Input Voltage: 12-24 Volts AC or DC

  • Input Current & Power: 1.52 amps, 28.0 watts
  • Power Factor: 0.82 pf
  • Surge and Spike Surpression: TVS transient voltage suppressor (up to 40 volts)
  • EMI FIltering: Inductors and capacitors for filtering to comply with FCC Class B Conducted and Radiated
  • Components: All driver components selected for extended operation at high temperatures - no electrolytic capacitors.


  • Ambient Temperature Range: -40ºC to 55ºC
  • LED Array: Mounted on aluminum core board, secured to cast-aluminum alloy body with thermal grease backing. Thermal pathway includes body, hat, stem, and base.
  • LED Driver: Fully encapsulated in thermally conductive epoxy.

Light Source:

  • LED Array: (12) Cree XPE with integrated driver in replaceable module.
  • Lumen Maintenance (L70): 66,500 Hrs.
  • Color Temperature (CCT): 4,450ºK Neutral White
  • Color Rendering (CRI): 77
  • Light Output: 1900 Lm
  • Apparent Power: 34.1 VA
  • Maximum Candela (CBCP): 552