• Apr

    The No. 1 Landscape Lighting Mistake Homeowners Make

    In our decades of experience developing solutions for and installing landscape lighting, the biggest mistake we see homeowners make is not servicing their outdoor lighting system on an annual basis. It’s our job to make them understand that the following four excuses we hear time and time again are not good reasons and do notRead More

  • Apr

    Five Oceanfront Landscape Lighting Tips You Should Know

    The Realities of Oceanfront Property Oceanfront property is the American dream. Enjoying your home’s seaside vista, the smell of the fresh briny air, and listening to the waves crash down onto the shore are some of the most enjoyable experiences of beach living. But with these luxuries come a price. The salty corrosive air, theRead More

  • Mar

    5 Great Ways to Light Your Outdoor Steps

    Why Outdoor Lighting Matters We often give the advice that when you’re ready to take your property to the next level with landscape lighting, or even just toying with the idea, start small. Dip your toes by selecting one area of importance to light rather than the whole nine yards. This tends to be theRead More

  • Mar

    Two Pitfalls to Avoid Due to Bad Planning

    Poor planning due to inexperience and lack of professional consultation—and the varied ramifications that follow—are very real problems when it comes to landscape lighting. Two of the biggest pitfalls we come across as a result of bad planning are: designing around the wrong landscape lighting elements and under budgeting. Let’s take a closer look atRead More